I'm 19 and the mother to a handsome baby boy named Liam Jackson♥ I'm married to my best friend and I've never been happier with my life, I wouldn't change a single thing.
This blog is mainly for my journey of being a mother, but I do reblog anything I find funny or interesting.

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Ummm..ok lol

Ummm..ok lol

Ummm..ok lol

His eyessss😍

His eyessss😍

His eyessss😍

lifewithflame replied to your photo “Cutest picture ever.❤️❤️❤️”
Oh god I looked at this picture really quickly and thought therewas a tattooed toddler on it haha:’)

Haha! Someone else said that on my instagram, it really does look like two babies when you just glance at it. lmao!
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Cutest picture ever.❤️❤️❤️

Cutest picture ever.❤️❤️❤️

Cutest picture ever.❤️❤️❤️

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Dooglie's Lamps

My dad makes super cool lamps, and is able to ship wherever! Check out the facebook page I made for him…Not many pictures up yet, but we’re working on it!!
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I usually go to bed around 10 or 11 every night but I decided to stay up and I’m beyond tired. At least I got some “me” time though.

I’m going to regret this in the morning…@,@

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Anonymous said: I'm 17 and 4 months pregnant. I'm not showing what so ever yet. But I'm just wondering when did you get your first stretch mark and did you use any lotions on them while pregnant or anything or didn't you worry to much about it. I use straight coconut oil on my belly boobs legs etc to prevent them I'm so scared about getting them. I don't mind if it's a few I just don't want loads.

I got TONS of stretch marks, and I used lotions and creams specially made for pregnancy…it didn’t work. The body will get stretch marks whether you like it or not. Some people are lucky and don’t get them, but a lot of people do. Just don’t worry about it. My husband loves me the same even with my stretch marks. (plus they will fade…mine are really light now)

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Guys, you should follow me on instagram, I post more often on there. I’ll follow you back. :)
I’m @kennakitty

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I can’t believe how many people on my Facebook have babies and post so many statuses about getting high and “faded”. I don’t have anything against weed, I mean I used to smoke every day but I stopped when I got pregnant. These girls post one status about their babies and the next is talking about how high they are. This one girl posted about how she loved her baby and like 30 minutes later she said “mannn I’m so gone right now” like…I hope your baby isn’t around you right now. Sorry if this was stupid but I had to get it out of my system. Haha rant over.

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It’s not going away…jeeeeezus.

I kinda stopped taking my birthcontrol…and Ryan said he wants another baby too. Soooooo…I wouldn’t say we’re “trying” but we’re not preventing it either. I’m excited and scared at the same time. AHHH

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the more I think about my past self the more I


My mom said she read an article about how its bad for babies to be left sleeping in their carseats? I never really thought about it but it worries me because sometimes when Liam falls asleep in the car I’ll just let him sleep in his carseat when we get home instead of disturbing him…

I don’t have a link to the article but I’m sure it could be found with google. My mom said it has been linked to SIDS and it restricts their breathing, I mean, I can see how since their heads kinda bob around…I just thought I’d post this and maybe help people be aware and research for themselves. I’ve seen a lot of posts with babies asleep in carseats, and I’m not trying to “call anyone out” because I’ve done it plenty of times with Liam…just trying to help! :)

Does anyone else have any information about this? Any thoughts?

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Someone is 10 months old today! Such a handsome boy :)

Someone is 10 months old today! Such a handsome boy :)

Someone is 10 months old today! Such a handsome boy :)

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He took a few steps by himself the other day but won’t do it since. He stands by himself so much longer than he used to, so he’s gonna take off soon! I’m excited!

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